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DJI Flame Wheel F450 with Naza-M V2, GPS, and Landing Gear

  • $152.49

The Flame Wheel F450 with Naza-M V2, GPS, and Landing Gear is a bundle from DJI that features a number of key components required when building your own quadcopter from scratch. If features the Flame Wheel F450..

  • Brand: DJI
  • Product Code:IDSPT0119
  • Availability:In Stock

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The Flame Wheel F450 with Naza-M V2, GPS, and Landing Gear is a bundle from DJI that features a number of key components required when building your own quadcopter from scratch. If features the Flame Wheel F450 airframe (ARF) with landing gear, the Naza-M V2 flight control system with GPS, motors, ESCs, and a set of props. The Flame Wheel serves as the platform for the rest of the hardware to be installed on, including the bundled Naza-M modules as well as any accessories - such a video transmitter for FPV or iSOD unit - you may want to add.

The Naza-M V2 acts as the brains of the aircraft, managing pilot input and interpreting data from the various sensors, helping maintain a stable flying condition. There are four components to the system. The MC (main controller) houses the flight computer and is at the heart of the flight control system. Then there is the PMU (power management unit), which serves to regulate how much power is sent to each of the four, six, or eight rotors. Next is an LED unit for status display, which features a micro-USB port for connecting the Naza-M V2 to a computer when configuring or testing using the Windows assistant software. Finally, a GPUs receiver/compass combo is included, which enables a number of features, including Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) and the Go Home failsafe.

Please note that this bundle is not a complete solution. In addition you will need a radio system such as the DT7, flight battery and charger, connection cables, and possibly other components, depending on the capabilities you require.

What's Required
Additional hardware you will need to complete an aircraft includes (but may not be limited to):
  • A transmitter and receiver system such as the DJI DT7
  • Flight battery and charger
  • Gimbal such as the DJI H3-3D, if mounting a GoPro
  • 5.8 GHz video transmitter such as DJI AVL58 for FPV applications
  • Connection cables

Flame Wheel F450 Airframe

Robust Construction
The frame arms use PA66+30GF material design to help maximize crashworthiness
Integrated PCB Wiring
The use of compound PCB frame board helps make the wiring of ESCs and battery safer and easier
Space-Maximizing Design
Optimized frame design, optimized to provide abundant assembly space for autopilot systems
Red and White Frame Arms
Includes a mixture of red and white frame arms to not only make your copter more beautiful, but help you determine which way the "nose" is pointing

Naza-M V2 Flight Control System

Supports DJI Ground Station
By adding the separately available Bluetooth Datalink to the flight control system, you can plot waypoint-based autopilot courses using an iPad app or Windows software
Software-Based Aircraft Stabilization
The system works with or without GPS, and helps keep the aircraft stable and on course by taking data from gyros and other sensors and apply it to any pilot inputs. Naza-M V2 features GPS course correction plus GPS and compass interference monitoring, which combine to prevent the aircraft drifting off course do to magnetic interference that may throw off the compass (the GPS must be enabled and properly calibrated for this feature to work)
Takeoff Assistance
Helps ensure a stable, drift-free take off even on uneven surfaces
Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC)
Because multi-rotors are virtually symmetrical, it can be easy to lose track of which end is the "front". IOC features two modes to help make flying more intuitive:
  • Core Lock: "Forward" is always the same as the direction the nose was pointing when the aircraft first took-off, regardless of the actual orientation of the aircraft
  • Home Lock: "Forward" is always away from the origin defined by the Home Point that was established during GPS calibration. In other words, "forward" will be away from the Home Point (pilot) and "back" always toward the Home Point. Moving the stick right or left will cause the aircraft to follow a circular path around the Home Point
Motor Failure Protection
If a hexarotor or octorotor equipped with a Naza-M V2 suffers a single motor failure in flight while in attitude or GPS mode, it will maintain its altitude and rotate around the stopped motor. This allows it to fly safely back to home and land

Note: This feature does not work for quadcopters
Failsafe and Auto Go Home Support
If the connection between the multi-rotor and the remote control (transmitter) are disconnected during flight, a failsafe system will activate. Provided there was enough GPS signal at the time of the disconnection, the multi-rotor will fly back to its point of takeoff and land automatically. This feature can also be triggered manually using the One-Key Go-Home function activated using Assistant software
Assistant Software for Mobile Devices
Using an iOS mobile device with Bluetooth LE support, parameters can be adjusted at any time the multi-rotor is within range. Connection records are automatically stored by the Bluetooth module and protected by password. Where Internet access is available, parameters can be automatically synchronized to the cloud and restored immediately if you switch to a different mobile device
Built-in Functions
  • Multiple autopilot control modes
  • Enhanced fail-safe
  • Low voltage protection
  • S-Bus receiver support
  • PPM receiver support
  • Independent PMU module
  • 2-axis gimbal support