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Walkera TALI H500 Hexacopter FPV Kit with 3-Axis Gimbal and Case

  • $560.49

Combine the immersive recording capability of your GoPro HERO with the agility of a multi-rotor RC aircraft, and the stability of a three-axis gimbal for the ultimate aerial video experience. Included in the "ready-to-fly" TA..

  • Brand: Walkera
  • Product Code:STS00678
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Combine the immersive recording capability of your GoPro HERO with the agility of a multi-rotor RC aircraft, and the stability of a three-axis gimbal for the ultimate aerial video experience. Included in the "ready-to-fly" TALI H500 Hexacopter FPV Kit with 3-Axis Gimbal and Case from Walkera you will find all of the basics required to get started - apart from the GoPro HERO itself. The six-rotor design gives the H500 more power than comparable quad-rotor configurations, making it more than capable even under the combined weight of the Gimbal, camera, and a full tank of gas. The flight controls system - really a sophisticated mini computer - provides a autonomy that flying a complex multi-rotor system requires. Choose among several flight modes, from highly automated GPS-assistance for beginners to manual control for better maneuverability. Additional, the integrated GPS means you can take advantage of "smart" features such as intelligent orientation control (IOC), return home fail-safe, and "orbital" flying.

With the H500 you won't be flying blind. The included transmitter (handheld radio controller) features a built-in 5" screen for FPV (first-person view) flying. A video transmitter relays a composite video feed from the camera to the ground-end via a 5.8 GHz downlink, complete with telemetry data superimposed over the video image. The transmitter is configure Mode 2 (the default for North American fliers) and uses the 2.4 GHz frequency range for the control signal to avoid interference from the video downlink. Both video and control signals have a line-of-sight range of up to 3,280' (depending on weather and other factors).

A 5400mAh LiPo flight battery is included, and can provide up to 25 minutes of flying time. The battery slots into the tail of the aircraft and features LED indicators so that the remaining capacity can be checked without relying the transmitter's OSD display. A special charger is included, and care must be taken to follow proper charging protocol when recharging the battery to ensure safety and avoid damage to the battery. To store and transport the TALI H500 and included accessories, a wheeled hard case come with the bundle.

What Ready-to-Fly (RTF) Means
This version of the TALI H500 is ready-to-fly. This means that it is not a model: all major assembly has been done at the factory and that a pre-bound transmitter, battery, charger, and case are included. The aircraft still requires proper calibration before each flight. This is especially crucial when using GPS-enable features, as incorrect settings may cause the H500 to fly off course. Please refer to the Quick Start guide and carefully follow all instructions before embarking on your first flight
3-Axis Brushless Gimbal
A gimbal is included for mounting the iLook and iLook+ or GoPro HERO3, HERO3+, and HERO4 action camera (available separately) to record video or take photos in flight. The gimbal provides 3-axes of correction, accounting for pan, tilt, and roll (cant). It helps keep the video stabilized and free of vibration, and ensures the horizon stays level even as the aircraft banks

Remote Tilt and Cant Control
To operate the gimbal there are two dials on the transmitter; the one on left side controls tilt, while the one on the right controls cant (whether the horizon appears level). The dials are "notched" in the center making it easy to return the camera to a level position

Slide On/Slide Off Mounting
Simply loosen a single thumbscrew and slide the gimbal off its mounting rail to remove it completely from the H500. All of the electronics for the video and control signals are passed through a single ribbon cable that easily unplugs from the bottom of the aircraft
12-Channel Transmitter with 5" FPV Display
The included transmitter features a 5" color display for viewing a live feed from the camera as well as OSD (on-screen display) telemetry data. This data includes battery voltage, GPS data, and temperature. The radio operates on the 5.8 GHz band

In addition to the on-board display, there is a composite video output on a 3.5mm connector so that you can use a field monitor of FPV goggles. There is also a headphone jack - also 3.5mm - so that you can hear the audible alerts without disturbing others


One-Button Take-Off
With the one-button take-off ("boost") feature, pressing a single switch on the transmitter causes the H500 to lift off the ground and hover at an altitude of 15' until the pilot takes control

Airframe Design

Retractable Landing Gear
The landing gear fold up with the flip of a switch, ensuring your camera enjoys unobstructed shooting when panning right or left

Flight Control System

GPS Position Hold
With this setting enabled, the hexacopter will maintain a fixed hover over the defined GPS coordinates. The flight control system will work to counteract any wind turbulence, keeping the aircraft as steady as possible - ideal when recording video of a static subject
Hyper IOC Function
Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) is designed to make flying more intuitive. Since multi-rotors are basically symmetrical, it is easy to lose track of which way the "noise" is pointing. With IOC enabled, pressing forward will always case the aircraft to move in the nose direction recorded at takeoff, regardless of which way the physical nose is actually pointing

Note: Correct IOC orientation requires the pilot remain standing in the same position from which the H500 took off
Orbit Mode
The H500 can be set to fly in a circle around a defined set of GPS coordinates. This can be useful for aerial video, creating a 360-degree tracking shot around a stationary subject. To define the radius, engage Orbit Mode while standing at the center point, then walk backward until you've reached the desired distance and takeoff
Return to Home Autopilot
One Key Go Home
With proper GPS calibration, pressing a single button on the transmitter (remote control) will cause the H500 to fly back to the "home point" where it first took off

Failsafe Return to Home
When enabled, the aircraft will automatically fly back to the "home point" if the signal from the transmitter is ever lost

Warning: GPS must be calibrated before each flight to use these features. Otherwise, the H400 may fly toward its default home point, which may be in another country!
GPS and Manual Flight Modes
Fly with GPS assistance for full auto-pilot redundancy or switch over to manual and get better maneuverability. In manual mode, GPS is not used, however the gyro, altimeter, accelerometer, and other sensors are still used to aid in flight stability

Additional Features

Self-Tightening Props
The H500 features six props, which are self-tightening to help ensure they don't loosen up in flight. Of the six, three are clockwise- (CW) and three are counterclockwise- (CCW) rotating. The CW props feature silver or gray caps while the CCW props feature black caps. It is crucial to follow the manual, and always replace the props with the correct type to ensure stable flying and avoid crashes
Top and Bottom Status LEDs
Status LED are integrated into the prop struts and have been placed on the top as well as bottom so they can easily be seen when the H500 is on the ground. In addition, the flight battery has LEDs of its own which are visible from the "tail" to help you keep tabs on remaining power
Wheeled Hard Case Included
When you are done flying for the day, pack the H500, battery, charger, transmitter, and sundries all away in the included hard case. The case features wheels for easy transport
Battery and LiPo Charger Included
With this ready-to-fly (RTF) bundle, a 5400mAh lithium-polymer (LiPo) flight battery and special charger for it are included. The battery can lasts up to 25 minutes (depending on how the H500 is flown). LEDs on the battery indicate the remaining capacity when in flight or charge status when recharging 

Note: Refer to the user guide before charging the battery, as the charger requires proper configuration and charging must be terminated manually once the battery reaches capacity. Failure to do so may result in the battery catching fire or exploding