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Swellpro SplashDrone 3 Auto Waterproof Drone

  • $866.49

With the SplashDrone 3 Auto Waterproof Drone from Swellpro, getting close to the water is encouraged rather than feared. The 3mm reinforced ABS fuselage provides a fully waterproof enclosure for all components, whic..

  • Brand: Swellpro
  • Product Code:IDSPT0676
  • Availability:In Stock

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With the SplashDrone 3 Auto Waterproof Drone from Swellpro, getting close to the water is encouraged rather than feared. The 3mm reinforced ABS fuselage provides a fully waterproof enclosure for all components, which are corrosion-resistant and compatible with both fresh and salt water environments. You can land and take-off from the water with your SplashDrone 3 Auto, thanks to the surface buoyant design that can handle being in water up to 2' deep.

The SplashDrone 3 can also handle being flown in inclement weather. The MIL-STD 810 rating means that it can handle both rain and snow. The four powerful 620kV motors and carbon-fiber propellers can withstand flights in heavy rain, and winds of up to 18 mph. Regardless of the conditions, the two-axis gimbal camera can capture 14MP still photos and up to 4K video at 25 fps.

You can operate the camera with the included remote controller with 5" built-in FPV display, or by linking your mobile phone or GPS-equipped tablet. Take manual control or utilize multiple autonomous flight modes. In case of emergency, the SplashDrone 3 Auto's flight controller has the ability to bring it home or notify you of where it landed.

Waterproof 4K Gimballed Camera
The two-axis waterproof camera features a 1/2.3" CMOS sensor and a 5G all-glass non-fisheye lens array that can take 106-degree wide-angle photos and video. In order to keep your images sharp and video smooth, the SplashDrone 3 Auto's gimbal has been equipped with high power brushless motors. They provide shake-free performance in a variety of weather conditions, including high-speed water landings. The external glass lens of the camera has been specially treated with a hydrophobic coating, helping to keep things clear, even in wet conditions.
All-in-One Remote Controller
The controller features a built-in 5" display to give you complete control without the need for additional mobile devices. The screen can display a 2800 Kb/s (maximum) FPV stream with an OSD of essential flight data, including a low battery alert that gives you the ability to bring the SplashDrone 3 home safely.
S3 Flight Controller
The brains of the SplashDrone 3 Auto is the S3 flight controller, which has been designed with advanced internal shielding and sensors for greater sensitivity and accuracy during flight. The embedded flight software is constantly checking for errors, and provides redundancy for improved flight safety and stability. In order to improve positioning speed and accuracy, it uses a dual-mode GPS that can lock onto up to 24 GPS and GLONASS satellites.
Autonomous Flight Modes
With the Swellpro FLY app and a smartphone or GPS-equipped tablet, you can take advantage of a variety of autonomous flight modes for creative filmmaking. 

Follow Me: Switch to Follow Me mode and the SplashDrone 3 will constantly follow and turn towards you as you move, recording you and the scene around you in 4K UltraHD definition.
Tap to Fly: Tap on the map where you want your drone to go and SplashDrone will navigate to the destination and hover, awaiting further commands from you.
Mission Planning: Tap to select waypoints on a map and the SplashDrone 3 Auto will execute the mission faithfully; circling, pausing and changing elevation according to your selected route instructions.
Circling Flight: On any waypoint, select a circling radius and number of circuits to perform to capture the perfect video with your chosen subject always in the middle of the frame.
Smart Cruise: Switch the Remote Controller into Smart Cruise mode and you will be able to pan (yaw) and fly the SplashDrone with a single joystick, making your flight path smoother and more cinematic.
Return Home: Tap Return Home on the app or flick the Return Home switch on the remote controller, and the SplashDrone3 will adjust its altitude to the pre-programmed safe flight level and fly directly home before landing gently without any input from the pilot.
Safety Features
Signal Loss/Radio Interference: If the drone detects that it has lost the signal from the remote control for any reason, the S3 Flight Controller takes over control and returns the drone to the point where it took off from before landing gently.